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Zack (now Aries)
Zack (now Aries)

cool Saved by the Bell cool

This group of pups all had names inspired by one of our favorite 90’s shows! wink


Zack (now Aries), Slater (now Drax), and Kelly (now Lilly) are now in their forever homes, with people and fur siblings to call their own! 


Happy Furevers to Zack (now Aries)! heart


Zeuss’ new family had been thinking about adopting for the past year, and recently got settled into their new home and started looking. Sadly their 15-year old boy Blitz crossed over the rainbow bridge last month, and while watching a friends dog they realized just how much they miss all the joys of having a dog - from the daily walks to the click of their nails on the floor. Zeuss was a perfect match for their family and now has several human siblings to get all his energy out with!

Happy Furevers Zeuss! heart


Zoey Fox Terrier
Zoey Fox Terrier

Zoey was SO EXCITED to meet her new mommy she simply couldn’t stay still for photos!!
Zoey is a 12 yr old senior that was found as a stray. When her family was located they didn’t want her because “she pees too much”
They handed over 12 years of vet records to the finder and didn’t even kiss her goodbye!! 
A wonderful admin with the reached out to us for help at that point. With some proper vetting and a very patient foster family, Zoey is as good as new. You would never know she is 12 years old with her spunky energy!!
Although it’s a sad (& unimaginable) story, it has a beautiful happy ending! Zoey literally loved her new mom at first sight. Her mom had zero hesitation adopting a senior and has both breed and senior experience.
Happily ever after Zoey! 
The pictures show her pure joy! She couldn’t stop jumping or stay still she was so excited 

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