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  Hunter's Village Rescue
About Us
The mission and vision of Hunter’s Village Rescue (HVR) is to save dogs in need by placing them in loving forever homes.  We are a foster-based, non-profit dog rescue, based out of Hunter’s Creek (SW Orlando), Florida.
The rescue's story began with a lost dog in our community, Hunter, a 2-year-old German Shepherd. Poor Hunter was abandoned by his owners, left to fend for himself alone on the streets of Hunter’s Creek. Based on sightings, the community knew he was alone for at least a month, and speculated he was probably roaming for 2-3 months total.
The community came together on a mission to save Hunter, and shared photos and updates on the community Hunters Creek/Southchase Rants, Raves & Reviews Facebook page. Despite countless efforts from the community, Hunter was terrified and would not allow anyone approach him (and story has it this boy can gain speed FAST!) Multiple homes throughout several Hunter’s Creek neighborhoods graciously set out feeding stations for him to help assure he stayed fed while on his journey.
The community stepped up to bring volunteer trappers from East Orlando, and the traps were monitored with a live feed, but Hunter still managed to evade any attempts to catch him. Volunteers in Hunter’s Creek came day and night to refresh and reset the trap and release any wildlife that ventured in the trap meant for Hunter. The trap was even relocated 3 separate times, based on patterns determined from the sightings shared on the Facebook page.
On December 27th, Hunter was so hungry that he finally entered the trap - he was instantly caught on camera and the trappers sent an SOS so the local community could get to him quickly while the trappers made the long commute. A group of about 8 neighbors showed up to transfer the trap into a community member’s van. Hunter’s Creek Veterinary Hospital was called, and they kept their doors open and remained in the office late for us to arrive as they had also been following Hunter's journey. 
Hunter was terrified but never showed aggression while being scanned for a microchip. A chip was located, and the rescuers were hopeful. Voicemails were left and Hunter was transferred to a temporary foster home until his owners could be located. 
Hunter was very overwhelmed and shy after his long journey - he always wanted to have his back in a corner, he was unable to make eye contact with anyone and his tail was stuck between his legs. His foster mom spent the first night sleeping on the couch with him and he started to get a taste of what love is all about.

Hunter's owners were finally located, but they shared that they didn't want him. But there was a happy ending after all - Hunter found his forever home right here in Hunter’s Creek! He now has a fan page with over 400 followers following his journey, along with other dogs in need. Hunter now lives with his new mom, dad, teenage brother, college sister and fur sister. He is learning to trust more every day and even learned what it’s like to play! He loves to be outside and lounge by his new pool or run in the yard with his fur sister.     

After Hunter's successful adoption, a handful of the community members united through his journey decided to start a rescue mission, named after the pup who started it all, and Hunter's Village Rescue (HVR) was born! The community has been incredibly supportive of us from day 1, and we truly could not have made the difference we've made without their support.

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