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Rainbow Bridge
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It is with a broken heart we share the devastating news that our sweet Teddy crossed over the rainbow bridge today.
Teddy the day I saw you curled up in the shelter not even lifting your head to look our way I was drawn to you. You were a stray and your owners had been located, yet I couldn’t stop thinking of you.
When I tell you I loved you before we even met, I’m not kidding. I went to bed at night thinking of you scared in the shelter waiting for your owner. I kept checking in on you to find out your owner kept no showing. The day your owner’s rights were relinquished you better believe it HVR was there to bust you out! Your wonderful foster mom gave you your freedom ride.
You flourished out of the shelter! I cried tears of joy when I finally got to hug you as you’d been steady on my heart for a week.
You had the best doggy smile I think I’ve ever seen!! You loved to lay by the pool on the lanai and soak up the sun. You picked up on the routine right away and loved all the spoiling you got including your before bedtime snack. Foster brother Dudley was awesome and you went on long walks with him and lounged on the comfy couch together. You loved every single person you met. You brought joy to everyone with that grin of yours.
Sadly you suffered severe dental disease after years of neglect and were in excruciating pain. Thank
you to our awesome community and our dollar campaign you headed in for your dental today. I called to check on you and in spite of countless extractions you were doing great. Your new family eagerly waited in the waiting room to take you home and begin your pain free happily ever after. They were so happy when you finally walked out, but within a moment tragedy struck. Teddy you collapsed right there in front of your family and in spite of extensive efforts by the vet staff you could not be brought back.
You were loved immensely in your final three weeks Teddy. We will not forget your contagious smile.
Thank you to everyone who was a part of Teddy’s journey....the shelter staff for saving her, everyone that shared her story when I was determined to find a foster and save her, her fabulous foster family, her potential adopters who already loved her as their own, the vet staff who gave her every fighting chance, and lastly the amazing HVR board who supported my obsession with saving this senior dog we knew very little about. You sure had a village backing you Teddy

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